Mon 25 April 2016


What Are The Best Tips In Catching Carp Fish?

Are you stressed from working all day and night? Would you like to take a break and have a vacation? The most relaxing outdoor activity you can have is to go on a holiday. Nature tripping is one of the ideal holiday that can totally make you unwind and breathe some fresh air. There are  a lot of nature tripping activities you can do, hiking or trail trekking, canoeing, swimming, camping and the popular kind of holiday outdoors is fishing.

Fishing indeed is the most famous recreational kind of activity for everyone. An outdoor activity for family and friends. This is for everybody who loves to go fishing, specially doing carp fishing in France.  You can go fishing without proper training, as you only need to know how to handle the rod and how to bait. This is really simple, but you can always ask for the guide on how to do this.  Carp in France are famous because of their size. A lot of people would really go fishing in this place. There are a lot of lakes you can go to where big carps can be found. If you really want to get a glimpse and catch big carps then here are the tips on how to catch them:

  1. Location – this is the most important of all, you need first to locate which area most big carps resides. Carp fishes do know which area are dangerous and safe. If you are not yet sure of where these fishes reside then you can just sit and watch where these kind of fishes go and move around. You can bring a gadget with you to locate these fishes.
  2. Baits – one of the best baits is corn. Some places do not allow this and some allow them. But whatever kind of baits you have make sure this is safe, this is the proper bait for the carps. You can also add some salt or some other spices that you think is best for carps. Salt and chilies are some additional baits you can add to the carps. For sure they will really love this. DO make your baits more colorful as carps will be attracted to this.
  3. Style – when you do bait a carp , make sure you do compete with it. Make sure you focus on the bait so that the carp can no longer guard itself and in this way they are easier to catch,
  4. Wind Direction – do not follow the direction of the wind because carps do not follow this one as they know this is dangerous for them.


If carp fishing is your hobby then you can enroll yourself in carp fishing training online. Perhaps you can also ask a friend or somebody to teach you how to do carp fishing. You can also view videos online if you want to save money on training.  The key is self-discipline and being careful in fishing carp because they are really much wiser than you know.

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